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Electric Fireplaces: Everything You Need To Know

Yes, highly efficient. electric fireplaces utilize an optimal 110/120V electric current that can run on less than 1500 Watts per hour, at full power. Your utility charges are calculated by this usage per hour. By Multiplying your watt usage by the cost per-hour you might just find that running an electric fireplace is cheaper than your current heating system.

Absolutely. Most electric fireplaces these days can be operated with or without the heat turned on. Many have state of the art heat control settings to suit all your heating needs or simply just set the mood.

Most electric fireplaces offer similar results, although there are some slight differences between models. Some of these include, maximum power output, heat settings and other control options, such as flame color and flame size etc.

There is no ventilation or chimney required for an electric fireplace. As a result, they can be installed practically anywhere. This includes both indoors or outdoors and in any room in your home. They are a fantastic choice for heating a smaller area, such as a studio apartment or outdoor bar for example.

Yes, modern electric fireplaces are extremely user-friendly and, in most cases, come with remote control capabilities. From the comfort of this remote, you will be able to switch the fireplace on and off, set the temperature of the flames, their appearance, and other customizable functions.

Most definitely. You can purchase internal upgrades or cosmetic alterations whenever you want.

Electric fireplaces require less maintenance and upkeep than a traditional fireplace. Some models may need their light bulbs changed from time to time, however, a standard 60-watt bulb has an average lifespan of around 2 years. Replacement bulbs are easy to acquire and are readily available at most home centers and hardware stores.

Yes, all of our electric fireplaces come with any easy-to-follow manual/instruction guide. This includes detailed instruction of all the fireplace’s features, as well as all the technical specifications of your chosen model. Furthermore, the manual will also provide details on addition features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and music speaker systems if applicable.

The full list of features and specifications included in your electric fireplace can be found in detail on either the product’s box, the product’s online advertisement description, or inside of the included instruction manual.

Yes, electric fireplaces are completed safe and do not emit any harmful fumes or environmental pollutants.

Relatively easy, yes. All that is required is that the power outlet powering your electric fireplace has a dedicated circuit breaker. If the electric fireplace is a built-in model and needs to be hardwired, this can be done by a professional fitter in just a couple of hours.

No, the fireplace always remains at room temperature and is completely safe to touch. The heating compartment is isolated from that of the outer casing of the Fireplace and is separated by layers of inner protection screens.

No, there are no special requirements or additional effort when installing an Electric Fireplace. Our only recommendation is that you hire the services of a qualified electrician or fitter if the fireplace is being installed directly into a wall.

A standard electric fireplace can sufficiently provide corner-to-corner heat to a space as large as 400 square feet, however, many hardwired electric fireboxes can be powered to heat an area twice this size. There are also a host of additional options if a greater heating radius is required.

Yes, after the electric fireplace has been set up, it can be moved safely, securely, and relatively easily. As electric fireplaces do not need a ventilation source, they may be moved and reassembled without any major issues or complications.

With some minor effort, yes. Once you know all the measurements of your current fireplace (height, width, and depth), an electric fireplace should then be able to be built and fitted into the pre-existing space with relative ease.

Yes, at the cost of an increased price tag and wattage usage, some electric fireplace models come with a built-in speaker system and are Wi-Fi enabled. This means that in essence you can listen to all your favorite music from the fireplace via Wi-Fi and control the appliance from practically anywhere in your home.

Yes, practically every electric fireplace is manufactured to fit into any conventional 120V household outlet. The built-in version on the other hand, will require an additional outlet of its own that will also need to be installed.

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