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Huntington Fireplaces is an award-winning electric fireplace company in Vancouver, BC, serving homes, workplaces, restaurants, hotels, and retail locations throughout Canada.

Our primary goal at Huntington Fireplaces is to give you the greatest service and the most recent developments in the electric heating business. When it comes to both quality and pricing, our fireplaces are unparalleled and unequalled.

With over a decade of industry experience, we continue to learn, develop, & adapt, and we are dedicated to adapting to our customer's demands and the ever-changing technological world.

Now Is The Time For More Convenient Housing Firelplace

Make your home the best with Huntington Fireplaces.

With all of the changes the new decade has brought, design continues to grow by human wants and concerns as they relate to their culture and environment. As we spend more time at home, our living environments have become more important, and individuals are upgrading and altering their designs more than ever.

The house is a haven where we must feel well to compensate for our new way of life. We need tenderness, comfort, and certain values in our homes. We need warmth and want to be surrounded by things that have meaning and tell a story, which is where we come in.

At Huntington Fireplaces, we emphasise letting joy and comfort drive one's house and are recognized for merging styles and comfort of togetherness for a much more personal, warm look that gently travels through time. Remember that excellent taste is always lovely.

Our fireplaces have the most recent advances in electric fireplace technology, giving you an unsurpassed degree of comfort and control. Our electric fireplaces are simple to install, run and, most importantly, safe for anybody to use and enjoy.

We prioritize your comfort. Whether you are constructing a new home, or restoring an existing one, enjoy the richness and coziness of our Exclusive design of Electrical Fireplaces.


Element Series

The Element Series electric fireplace has something for everyone. Its conventional shape is more similar to that of a traditional fireplace, yet its finish is both sleek, clean, and state-of-the-art. The control panel offers you a range of modes from adjustable heat settings to multi-color effects. The Element Series expertly manages all the fundamentals of a modern electric fireplace system, is super easy to use, cost effective, and most importantly, provides incredible heat to your home. Perhaps its most impressive element though, is its affordable price tag. Become the master of the element of fire, with an Element Series Fireplace today.


Sparkling Series

Allow your home to sparkle as it glows with the intense warmth of the Sparkling Linear Electric Fireplace Series, from Huntington Fireplaces. If you have been searching for supreme control over your comfort this winter and beyond, the Sparkling series has you covered. Designed with both fully remote controlled and touchscreen access, the Sparkling series comes equipped with a multitude of choice at your fingertips. Including fully adjustable features such as heat setting, flame speed, multiple color options, and more. Add a sparkle of class to any room, with the Sparkling Electric Fireplace.


Polaris Series

The Polaris Electric Fireplace offers a unique combination of naturalness and yet at the same time, out of this world visuals. Its low-cost LED lighting combined with its sublime glass front finish are the pinnacle of modern fireplace technology. Complimented with a classical log fire floor, the Polaris Series beautifully blends the aesthetic of the old way of heating your home, with modern electrical solutions. So, after a long day of surviving out in the cold clutches of this chaotic world, come home to the Polaris Electric Fireplace and watch all your worries just melt away.

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